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Flareon pissing fire was awesome...

If you play the "Gotta Catch 'Em All" parts backwards, they say "I love Satan I love Satan". You should try it, absolutely hilarious!

Good work, sir!


This is absolutely HILARIOUS! Nice use of Bond Christmas music. Ending made me laugh so hard my screen starting shaking. I hope that you continue to make such funny, awesome animations. Good luck!

Excellent Work!

I think the idea of the blatantly sarcastic style of this cartoon is completely lost on your audience here at Newgrounds. I mean, the cartoon is trying to make a point of how unfunny 'Brawl Taunts' is. That IS the humor, and it's GOLDEN! Some parts had terrific animation as well as ideas, such as the Rina-Chan skit, but others were done in a shitty manner on purpose to illustrate how retarded the original cartoon is.

The Mario and Luigi one is one of the best cartoons in the entire collab. "Boy, that sure does make it funny." That's exactly what brawl taunts was! It's just horribly drawn out to emphasize a point. Why is this simple concept lost on so many people?

You guys are genius and awesome. If you do another one, I'd love to join in. Awesome stuff!

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Not bad, not bad at all!

Typically, you don't get the instructions on how to remove the "white" borders on imported pics in tutorials. That was a nice inclusion. Also, I didn't find out about onion skinning until only recently, so that was an excellent point to bring to light.

With Mario's animation, though, I think he needs a little bob in the 2nd frame (Hat cannot match frame previous), otherwise it looks like he's just kicking his legs and sliding when you tween him across the stage. I mean, when you think about it, it'd probably be really hard to keep your head completely level while running. A few small pixel adjustments up on that second frame will make the animation look more natural. Also, copying and pasting that second frame after the third one looks a lot better than looping to the first one again.

I hope my review was constructive and useful. Nicely done tutorial!

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Swizardv2 responds:

You have a few good points there. I normally make a motion tween that smalls him up (the running mario) a bit, making it really look like he runs. Actually making it lower in the beginning might not be a bad idea xD. And it depends per Sheet...I guess mario could look a little more smooth using the second frame twice, but it would have made it harder to explain :P
Thanks for your review

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This is what Girl Chan is missing; drunk old perverts.

This must win.


This guy looks so awesome. I mean, he's got a custom MkIII Rape Rammer in his arm! Even if this doesn't win, he needs to be animated using that damn thing to beat up aliens or politicians.

Good concept character! :D

SketchBravo responds:

Thanks man. Guess we'll see what happens.

I did it for the lulz.

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